Thank You To All of Our Sponsors

For Supporting Our Veterans

Each of our sponsors has stepped up in a huge way and have donated generously to support our veterans.

We merely made a humble request and these sponsors rushed to our aid.

From all of the veterans and people with disabilities that your generosity helped, we want to publicly say, "THANK YOU!"

Our Sponsor's Efforts

Have Led To Lives Changed

Through our many sponsors and partners, we have been able to provide homeless individuals with food, water, socks, coats, and backpacks.

Our Sponsor's Efforts

Have Made An Impact

We have been able to help 77 people in 2018. We helped 41 in 2017, and 27 people in 2016. Over a three year period with the help of our sponsors we have been able to help 145 people.

Sponsorship Is Key


Before approaching potential sponsors, think about the demographics of your community and which businesses would like to reach this audience. Your best bet is to seek out sponsors whose business relates to your cause.