At COSIG our greatest service is giving back to our clientele. We HELP them connect to their needed services.

Many of our clientele will need medical and dental services. We HELP them get to their appointments and to the pharmacy for pick up of medications.

We connect our clients with social services needed to get themselves food and medical services.



We will HOUSE our clientele temporarily for up to 24 months while they obtain a skill to provide for their family and themselves.

Our clientele can live at our facility for the entirety of their training or until they are able to establish housing on their own.

This process relieves the pressure on our clients of finding a place to live. This will free their mind during their training phase.


COSIG will TRAIN our clientele in one of our seven career skills areas. These skills are transferable to any city or state our clientele wants to reside in.

Our seven career training areas are:

  1. Automotive Repair
  2. Childcare
  3. Healthcare
  4. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  5. Landscaping
  6. Industrial Piping
  7. Residential / Commercial Construction

COSIG will

Help, House, Train, and facilitate the whole person. Our chief aim is to provide an invaluable service for our clients. Most of our clients are waiting and ready to join our program; but, we lack the funding to support at a greater capacity.

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Our efforts can reduce the homeless population by 12% in the next two years, and a total of 19-20% in three to five years. This will cause a huge and significant impact on the homeless epidemic that will help change lives. Will you be a part of that change and donate today?

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Next Steps...

We are sincerely asking for your generosity to Help, House and Train homeless veterans and people with disabilities. Please find it in your heart and donate today...